Graduated from National University of Singapore with a B.A. Architecture (Honors) in 2005 and a Masters in Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design in 2012, I was raised in Hong Kong and Singapore. Since 2005, I have lived in New York and Boston, with ten years of professional experience in architecture and my latest venture - regenerative development.

My design approach prioritizes strategic alignment of interests across ecological, social and economic platforms. My passion is in evolving our roles as humans, in a way that vitalizes the well-being of the environment, the people and the economy. Beyond problem solving and creating the next big "thing", I love to play and expand the role of designers as living systems facilitators, creating positive systemic change.

I hope to enable a world culture rooted in empathy and shared abundance. A member of the 2017 Urban Agriculture Ambassador Program for the City of Somerville in Massachusetts, I love learning about Vastu Architecture, sustainable agriculture, practicing Vipassana meditation and Muay Thai kick­boxing.

With a few curve balls flying,  I unintentionally co­-founded Terra Cura Inc., a Massachusetts-­based regenerative development 501(c)3 in 2015. Our early mission was to transform education through design - using food system integration as a driver for positive change. The goal is to transform land development to advance,  rather than undermine, the health of communities and their economy.  Since then,  Terra Cura’s approach evolved into the emerging field of Regenerative Development, attracting thought leaders and partners that integrate four pillars of discipline: systems thinking, organization development, mindfulness practice and sustainable food systems. 

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