about the author & designer

Graduated from National University of Singapore with a B.A. Architecture (Honors) in 2005 and a Masters in Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design in 2012, Eva was raised in Hong Kong and Singapore, worked in New York and Boston, with eight years of professional experience in the building industry. She designs processes that prioritize strategic alignment of interests across ecological, social and economic platforms. Eva’s expertise is in the comprehensive transformation of living systems through place­-making and food system integration.

Her vision is to enable a world culture rooted in empathy and shared abundance. She is a member of the 2017 Urban Agriculture Ambassador Program for the City of Somerville in Massachusetts.  Eva’s interests are Vastu Architecture, sustainable agriculture, Vipassana meditation and Muay Thai kick­boxing.

Eva is the Co­-Founder / Director of Design & Strategic Partnerships at Terra Cura Inc., a Massachusetts-­based regenerative development nonprofit organization with the mission to advance sustainability by bridging top-­down planning with bottom-­up grassroots action, with a focus on healthy food system integration and community development. She is also the Regenerative Development Advisor for the American Renewable Energy Institute.

You can find her CV and full bio here.