evolving ideas

We cannot live out our role unless we commit to evolve not just what we do, but who we become, how we feel, and how we think. The following are work samples of architectural and regenerative development projects over the course of sixteen years. A design portfolio is not a graveyard of completed ideas. It is a journal of exploration, allowing me to evaluate and rework ideas as a thinker and doer. Click below for full-screen viewing. Download CV here.

Salton Sea Memories

This is a site analysis video created for my Fall 2011 graduate thesis titled β€œThe Creation & Sustainment of Memory through Architecture.” Sited in Salton Sea, California, the place is surreal, post-apocalyptic, yet hauntingly beautiful. It is a site of brutal honesty, displaying extreme cycles of life and death, with no effort to hide what is left behind.

To gain even a remote sense of Salton, I realize it cannot be achieved through typical site models and mappings. With a collage of historic and current footage, juxtaposed with archival audio clippings, as well as photographs from my site visit, I hope to capture the beauty and the irony between its past aspirations and where it stands as a dying sea.

Interested in learning more about Salton? Putting together a book for my thesis as we speak. A 30 second overview: The thesis explores the dynamic interactions between local, regional climate and human behavioral patterns. It explores 3 leverage points for systemic change - at the personal, community and regional scale.  This resulted in 3 architectural programs:

  • A floating house for meditation
  • A community haptic theater, and
  • A 343 sq.mile phyto-remediation site

It is at once a pedagogic experiment to re-establish form and space as a mnemonic device, to create collective memory in a digital culture. On the sustainability level, it demonstrates a paradigm shift in the potential role of architects to catalyze long-term, systemic change beyond buildings. Stay tuned!